Moe Family Photoshoot

What an awesome time in that gorgeous late afternoon sun light last week with the Moe family. I gotta tell ya, being a solo shooter-facilitator for a 8-person family photoshoot ain't easy, but challenge accepted and completed! It was a blast getting to know the kids a bit while playing with them at the playground to start things off. I always enjoy that process leading up to capturing the genuine smiles and expressions while being in an outdoor environment where the kids (and adults!) can roam, run around, and interact with the natural surroundings. I think it makes for a very organic feel to the images. Big thanks to Steven Moe for the idea and the whole family in going with the flow while giving me their best genuine smiles possible! Here are some of the favorites from our photoshoot. 😎

9 Feb 2018 edit: Ellie just wrote and posted this review on my photography page, and it absolutely just made my heart melt. 

Another level of photography!! Ahh Jonathan what a gift you have and such a gift you gave us: Precious moments immortalised forever!!
Jonathan took family pictures for us while our dear parents were in town from overseas, which was no small task with 4 small children in an open space up way past their bedtime! Despite tears, injuries and “free spirited” kids Jonathan dodged it all and produced
a whole series of exquisite, dreamy images, bursting with life and energy.

Jonathan is just lovely to deal with. Relaxed and easy going, allowing the session to take its course but always in control. He connected with all our kids and really went the extra mile to capture each one in their element. I think we have a friend for life

He anticipated each shot, waiting for just the right moment to capture the untamed energy and joy of the 2 year old, the reluctant coy smile of the would-be rebel 8 year old , the tender affection of a Nonie and her granddaughter, and even the sweet connection of the somewhat camera-shy parents

A photo can be a freeze-frame record of a face or place on a given date, with a particular hairstyle or fashion of the time, or it can be a portal - a glimpse into the soul of a person, that shows their character and brings them to life in a way that generations to come will be able to connect with. The beauty and depth of that portal is the art of Jonathan’s craft. I find a new favourite every time I look .
— Ellie Moe