Nephew time before I depart

One of my favorite moments in Los Angeles before departing for this trip to Norway was taking my youngest nephew out for a bike ride at a nearby park. He rode on the front rack. We have done this several time before, so he remembered the drill and rules - absolutely no touching the wheel while we're moving, and hands gripping the handlebar at all times.

The late afternoon light was perfect. We rode inside the dam where overflowing water would flood where we were standing. He and his brother both have been into rocks and crystals lately, so often our outings would include crystal hunting. He would show me all the cool pieces he discovered and let me evaluate whether they are as cool as he thinks (and in bringing them home too). Exercise for me, fun for him, memories for all of us, and $0 spent. As the Mastercard commercial would now announce: Priceless.

I snapped these timeless photos with a $28 manual focus lens that was actually defective. So often it's not about the gear to capture and preserve memories.

Norway photos to come, but I have so many memories from California I still wanna share before the Scandinavian reel begins.