Side project in Da Nang, Vietnam

The rest of the wedding and trip around Sikkim and Kolkata were incredible.

I’m in Vietnam now.

Earlier today we visited and did an interview with Mr. Loi, a local organic farmer in Da Nang who my friend Kristine has had the opportunity to work closely with these last few months. We asked him to do a small interview to get his answers and viewpoints on his farming background, why organic is important, and what his greatest motivations are. Although we switched the Google Translate live feature off while recording the interview, we both could feel the depth and emotions that poured out of Mr. Loi. With and without Google Translate, it is clear this is someone who talks and acts with heart for humanity and the earth. Mr. Loi was deeply thankful to have had the chance to speak and be heard, and both Kristine and I are eager to find out what he shared with us in detail. 

Next step - Vietnamese translations of the interview, and cutting together a video with the b-roll and a few actions shots that were captured today. This will be a sweet side project and one of the first collaborations with a patron/friend/supporter! If you know somebody who is fluent in Vietnamese and English and would be able to contribute time and effort, I'd love to get connected with that person! 🙌🏽

'Seeds: Talking Purpose' Podcast with Steven Moe

A few weeks ago, I sat down with Steven Moe, a corporate and commercial lawyer based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and had a solid, fun, recorded conversation on purpose and life. Steven recently published a legal handbook on social enterprises in the country and has been doing interviews with entrepreneurs and social enterprises about their journeys on his podcast named 'Seeds: Talking Purpose'. I feel honored to have been invited to be on the podcast. The growing list of humans and their truly impressive set of accomplishments and contributions to earth and society are humbling. 

Steven masterfully guided the conversation from my childhood to teenager years as an immigrant, as he waives into it his own story and aspirations, and we move into my university days and during that the exposure to the greater world, its beauty, its problems, my craft, and my finding of sometimes-often bumpy pathways that have taken me where I am currently.  As Steven articulates it even better than I can, "...In this interview we talk about his early life in Hong Kong, immigrating to the United States as a child, what formed him and gave him a sense of direction, his involvement in the Beacon Food Forest, a community-driven food-producing garden and forest in the city, work in Nepal after the earthquakes and his views about photography as a form of art and what makes capturing moments in time through photos so special."

Big thanks, Steven! The podcast can be listened to directly below or through the Seeds: Talking Purpose website.


Interview with Upstream Daily

Major gratitude to Alex & Fraser of Upstream Daily for doing what they do -- recording and spreading inspiration for me and so many others who tune in all around New Zealand and beyond. This was a memorable moment for me as it was just my 4th day in the country but yet I had already felt so welcome and supported by a thriving community of do-good-ers at the Social Enterprise World Forum. In this short interview, I talk about Conscious Impact - its founding, what our global and local team has accomplished together in the past 2 and a half years in Nepal, and also some personal inspiration and advice in being a creative professional.