Simply a cute photo to keep this page interesting. ;)

Simply a cute photo to keep this page interesting. ;)


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I adore this testimonial by Jennifer, whose wedding I had the honor of photographing:

Everyone thinks their wedding is the best wedding ever but thanks to the stellar skills of Jonathan Lee, we have proof that ours was in fact historic. This camerasutra made us shutter with his tree climbing, dance floor shuffling, and child entertaining to capture every moment of our wooded wedding. Never negative and always keeping focus, Jonathan was there in a flash to encapsulate our day from angles that other photographers wouldn’t be daring or skilled enough to master, all the while, offering smiles and laughter and wooing our family and friends— he really clicked with them. Looking back at our wedding photos and getting to see our special day through Jonathan’s lens is my new obsession.

If you are looking for some exposure to an incredible artist (who appreciates a good photo pun) then you really oughta give Jonathan a shot. He can offer just the white balance between a friendly experience and professional stunning photos for your special moment!
— Jennifer G. & Tom H.

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